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New 2022 Ram 1500 – Power & Comfort Combined

Power and comfort are perfectly combined in the New 2022 Ram 1500 featured with Edson Chrysler.

This high-performance vehicle comes in eight different models and offers a wide range of features, making it one of the best truck options on the market. Its bold accents, simplistic frame and dark grille depict it as a truck ready to hit the road. Available in various colours, this truck has the perfect look for every owner.

Inside the 2022 Ram 1500 comfort is assured. With luxurious heated and cool seats, the Ram 1500 offers a comfy cabin. The cockpit of the Ram 1500 is designed to provide a fun and high-tech driving experience.

Personalizing the Ram 1500 to your taste is a simple and a rewarding process. Owners are free to choose from a long list of accessories that are fully compatible with the Ram 1500 truck. Some of these accessories improve functionality and reduce maintenance of the 2022 Ram 1500.

The 2022 Ram 1500 is equipped with the Uconnect® 5 system. This new system provides tow-specific navigation, advanced connectivity and a state-of-the-art infotainment interface. A world-class audio experience is assured with the Ram 1500 19-speaker Harman Kardon® Premium Audio System. The effectiveness of this truck’s audio system is made even better with its active noise cancellation system. Passengers can switch from a quiet cabin to a music-infused in-cabin experience.

Built to conquer difficult terrains and meet heavy towing requirements, with heavy-duty tires, optional air suspension and a towing capacity of 11,540 lbs, this truck is built to perform.

2022 RAM 1500 InteriorWith an impressive performance and massive capabilities, this truck goes over and beyond to meet the needs of users. Ram prioritizes comfort and entertainment with its broad range of features and interactive technological system. If you are looking for comfortable performance, the 2022 Ram 1500 is what you’re searching for. Get yours with Unbeatable Edson Chrysler in Edson, Alberta.

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